Run the Created Selenium RC Test

Run the Created Selenium RC Test


1. Create Selenium RC Test as specified in “Create a JUnit Selenium RC Test using Selenium IDE”
2. Start the Selenium Standalone Server as specified in “Start the Selenium Standalone Server”
3. Ensure a Compatible Firefox Browser is Installed on your machine as explained in “Ensure Compatible Firefox Browser is installed”

1. Run the Selenium RC Test

1. In Eclipse IDE, right click on the ‘ImFeelingLucky’ class and select ‘Run As’ -> ‘JUnit Test’ as shown below:

2. See how our automation test runs on Firefox Browser from the below video:

Click here to watch the video

2. Check the Results after the test run is finished

1. After the test run is finished as shown in the above video, we’ve to find out whether the automation test run by selenium RC is passed or failed
2. In order to do that, view the Eclipse IDE after the test run and view the test results as shown below:

3. Red color bar will be displayed instead of Green color bar if the test gets failed.

Thats it !! This is how we run the Selenium RC tests in Eclipse IDE.

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