How to Start IE9 using Selenium RC in Windows Vista or Windows 7

Selenium RC – How to Start IE9 using Selenium RC in Windows Vista or Windows 7


When I started to work on the Selenium RC, it was running the tests against IE6 and that makes sense if the tests were written 3 years ago and code was never updated since then. Now the challenge here is to run all the tests of the projects I was working on, in Windows 7 machine instead of WinServer 2003 and running the tests against IE9 instead of IE 6.


There are couple of simple solutions you can try to get these things done and working properly in your new environment.

1. Check your Server version. If you are using very old selenium version then its the time to get the latest Selenium Server from the Selenium Website.

2. Command Prompt. You will also have to make sure that the command prompt you are working on to run the Selenium Server is opened as “Run as Administrator“. This is one of the reasons that you might not be able to open IE latest version with Windows Vista and Windows 7 i.e. IE9.

3. Disable Protected Mode. This is an alternative trick to solve the issue and run the tests against IE9. You will have to go to IE | Internet Options | Security | Enable Protected Mode and then Uncheck the box and click on Apply and Ok. That is it and it will resolve the issue. Please go to my other blog where I have mentioned everything step by step how to do this.

Now we are good to go and run our tests against IE7, IE8, IE9 with either Windows Vista or Windows7.

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